Friday, February 20, 2009

eric's farm


May Day. Labour Day. 13 days to my birthday. a few days since i've written... all is well. teaching practice. classes. weekend excursions. 1st and 2nd year are opening up... well, actually, i'm opening up.

last Sunday Maggie, Paul and i went out to Lake Wum with the students. talked about eutrophication. good trip. big turnout. probably due in part to the award given to Chia Robert the Friday before, 5000 cfa. and also b/c our last trip was successful. this week we go to Lake Ilum.

today, Maggie and i went out to Mbong Eric's farmstead. 16 hectares: with live fencing, alley cropping, improved pasture, apiculture, fruit / medicinal / timber trees, etc. the works when it comes to agroforestry practices!

nice place, good guy. so easy to be around. intelligent yet uncomplicated. hard-working yet practical. family man... brothers, sisters, kids. living off the land. always in the process of improving.

unfortunately, my bike chain chakara [broke or busted in pidgin] up the hill to eric's place. my fault b/c the gears and chain are so dusty/dirty. we ate fufu at his place. loaf and 1/2. with cowpea [leaf] njamma-njamma. good stuff. fufu is better early in the day.

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