Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in the field


good day today. excursion in the morning. maggie, me and 1/2 a dozen students trekked out to a water catchment area on the hills behind my house. 2 catchments, to be exact. one on each side of the hill.

great view. light climb. a little wet on the ground. no rain. really very informative. a few grumbles b/c of the terrain. but i believe everyone learn something. even me. a lot. all in all, a success. got a drink at Flo's place afterward.

next week, Lake Wum insha'Allah! we'll talk lakes, run-off, eutrophication, etc. maggie really did a good job today... she's great with people out in the field. we make a good team! we talked about doing tree stuff next week with the different EE Clubs. more seeds. quick presentation on trees; uses of and agroforestry.

other potential excursions include other catchments (like Ukpwa's), Lake Ilum, Menchum Falls, Mbong Eric's farm, etc. insha'Allah this keeps going well.


  1. IMAGE: maggie, me and five of my GTTC students (another one is taking the picture) posing in front of a cistern at the bottom of the water catchment area we were visiting.

  2. http://www.emmanuelsgift.com/

    saw this movie last night... i'd seen it before. this time there were a few palestinian children from gaza (all amputees brought here to dubai for medical attention by www.PCRF.net) in attendance.

    anyway... reminded me of this amazing student i had in cameroon. he's pictured in the photo above this post. sitting on the other side of maggie. his name escapes me, but it may come up in my journals. he's also disabled.

    walks very slowly and mostly on one leg. but he never missed an outdoor excursion with us. climbed every hill and finished every hike. he always lagged behind (at some distance), but he inspired the rest of us to push forward.

    peace :)