Friday, May 2, 2008


made it out to Omaru’s compound this afternoon. after school we walked over. down the road beginning at the moto-taxi park (but we took a "cut-short" right past the nursery school down that path with the log bridge) and way past all the houses, trees, people, over a stream and out into the grassland. what a spot! what a backyard! rolling green hills and valleys. a mini-village for a home. quiet. serene. only the birds making noise. the dogs, sheep and rooster, too, i guess... but that’s not noise. not like out here by my house.

it was beautiful. i wanted to stay out there. i met an endless stream of brothers and nephews, Omaru’s sister and mother. all very welcoming. talked to an older brother who just graduated from Yaounde. history. going to teach. Omaru promised to take me out to see the cattle soon. out into that open grassland that is his backyard. what a view. wish i could’ve spent 3 months of training in a setting like that. peace and beauty. Oh... it’s also the scene for Eid prayer and feast. people from town go up to pray, sacrifice and eat there. too nice. cannot wait.

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  1. IMAGE: this is a picture of one of omaru's little nephews. i took it during a eid festival (muslim holiday) i spent at the omaru family compound sometime in my second year in wum.