Tuesday, February 17, 2009

talking trees

teaching practice all month. out early. busy all day. at schools. practicing schools. my school. at meetings. EE stuff w/Maggie. lesson note marking. work in the evening. all this and, yet, somehow not too gratified of a feeling at the end of the day. tired, yes... gratified, not so much.

tomorrow Maggie and i will start visiting the schools to plant more seeds and talk trees:
  • GTHS & GTTC [Govt Technical High School and Govt Teacher Training College] tomorrow...
  • GBSS & GHS [Govt Bilingual Secondary School and Govt High School] the next
  • and the nursery school, too... MAYBE.
i'm gonna talk importance of trees, in general. Maggie will do agroforestry:

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  1. IMAGE: yet another excerpt from my journal. this is the general outline of what i spoke to the students about... the (economic, cultural, social and ecological) benefits of trees.

    all well and good. now i'd add something about their spiritual significance... i see and sense the universe – both inner (microcosm) and outer (macrocosm) – reflected in trees.

    reflect on nature... what does it reflect?