Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lake ilum

cinco de mayo:

second... we trekked out to Lake Ilum yesterday. nice day. hot, bright sun on that bare road. nice to walk the [ring] road though. would be nice to walk the whole thing... instead, i'll accept Nkambe-Wum. a little burned and beat (not to mention thirsty) by the end of the trip.

the GHS [govt high school] hill never seemed so long. anywhooo. trek was worth it. got lost after getting to the Lake area... but then found our selves, protocol appropriate, at the compound of the Lake's [traditional] caretaker. so we took permission, gave a donation and moved on.

adjectives on the lake: frightful. serene. beautiful. pacific. enchanting. isolated. ominous. powerful. spiritual... really a crater lake. looks as if people just can't get to the shore. and o the stories we heard about the mystical character of the lake.

it was Manka, William, Nelson, Vida, another female student, Paul and me.

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  1. http://namediso.blogspot.com/2008/04/paul-moves-in.html

    i've used this photo before (see the link above)... to introduce my colleague/counterpart/friend paul. that's lake ilum in the background.