Friday, February 6, 2009


ate breakfast at "mommy sick's" [a colleague into natural healing and herbs] place. very nice lady. proud Aghem. don't interact with many Aghem, really. nor do i know much about the language. sounds rough. kinda guttural.

turns out it's tonal and sophisticated. her nephew Nelson (a linguistics major in Yaounde) helped shed some light and much needed appreciation on the Aghem language.

there's even an Aghem language development association (ALDA). and a library they're starting... open afternoon to evening. to cater to students. great idea! i'll be visiting myself.

anyway... enjoyed breakfast. refreshingly atypical visit here in Cameroon, with good company and good food: shakshouka [eggs], friend plantains, soya paste, avocado, bread, lemongrass tea and honey! :)

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  1. just to clarify... the eggs weren't called shakshouka in Wum. that's what i, in arabic, refer to that omelette-like dish: scrambled eggs with tomato, onions and peppers. turns out (upon doing some quick research) that it's also a popular israeli dish.

    peace :)