Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the headmaster

cinco de mayo:
i'll take up the points from my tired outline above one at a time:

first... while holding a small debriefing at GPS [govt primary school] with our 3rd years a crowd of kids brought a bloody-faced class 2 student to the HM [Headmaster] Takwi Matthew. the man calmly asked to be excused as to take care of the situation.

he cleaned the boy up... who had a nasty cut on his forehead above the left eye after falling and hitting a pole. applied some iodine and bandaged the wound. he got some papers together and sent the boy to the hospital with his teacher.

unlike many others there, including teachers, the HM was calm, cool, quick and professional. really a pleasant surprise... and in sharp contrast to the nervous, confused and a little inept character of the teachers around. thank the Lord for leadership.

oh... rain came down HARD during our post-[teaching practice] conference there at GPS later that day. from 12 noon to 2pm. RAIN! actually missed Jum'ah [Friday Prayer].


  1. so what's all this about teaching practice at the primary school? my students at the GTTC (govt teacher training college) where primary school teachers in training.

    so in addition to academics, they were learning pedagogy... and practicing it (sometimes very poorly) on the primary school children in town, a couple times a year.

    we, the GTTC teachers, would go along and grade our students on how well they were preparing and delivering lessons, and managing the classroom. sometimes cool, calm and collected... often comical.

    peace :)