Friday, March 28, 2008

wum nice


Wum is nice. drive up from Bamenda was beautiful. different from yesterday’s to Ndjinikum. more valleys and rounded hilltops. rice fields along the way. the road was paved for barely ¼ of the route. not bad beyond that, but not great. i can see why it used to take days to get here. met the Principal. interesting woman... full of character!

Kenneth, the house's caretaker and the Principal were quite surprised to see me. expected my arrival next week, not this one. water and electricity weren’t connected. water is on now. no lights though. working by bush lamp. ate well. spaghetti. setup the water filter. sleeping on the mattress on the floor. no bother. tiled floor was cleaned today. well. Thank God.

it's a big house. 3 bedrooms. 1 bath. 1 storage space. 1 kitchen. large parlor. hot-water heater. nice front yard overlooking main road to Nkambe. no back yard. there is a little plot to the side of the house available for my gardening needs. i hear there may be an agro-forester posted here come Dec/Jan... nice. amazing how things work out. nice town. nice house. nice folks.

i prayed at the mosque in town. met the Fulani chief’s son. Omaru. promised to bring me fresh milk and eggs. nice, quiet young man. i’m content and thankful. hope all goes well for Adam and Kay at their posts tomorrow. Adam left me with a great little note... truly a kind human being. hope to see both of them soon.

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  1. IMAGE: a view of menchum falls. just off the road to wum, not far from the town. you can actually see the mist rising from the falls from the main road... in the rainy season, of course. when the river is high. the menchum meanders through the valley i mentioned in the post above. with rice paddies lining both sides of the road as it travels through.