Monday, March 31, 2008

organized brain

i’ve been putting off writing in—no, more like starting—my Peace and Freedom journal for some time now. the procrastinator or perfectionist in me??? alas... there’s always that proverbial “tomorrow.”

anyhow... i left the house once today. Sundays are still slow as ever here. i went out to buy bread and bananas. came back with eggs, too. not a totally useless day though. i read all morning. washed clothes all afternoon. and organized my room a little.

no longer living out of my bags. clothes are neatly folded and in piles on the floor. over plastic bags, of course. need to delve into that trunk now and get some of the things in there arranged, too.

you know... that’s an all too uncanny metaphor for my brain. the trunk, that is. full of things yet not always in an organized, efficient, or easily accessible manner. nice! :P (i guess that means “tongue-in-cheek.” it’s been in so many of my letters lately.)

lights aren’t back on yet. funny. need to go to SONEL [info on the then recently American acquired utility company: from AES Corporate or Business Wire or the IFC] tomorrow to get this meter thing worked out. i’m out of electricity before even officially having electricity.

tomorrow Madame Laisin (that’s the Principal’s name) and i do protocol, i think??? never really set a time for it. seeing as i never really left the house today.

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