Tuesday, March 25, 2008

bamenda slum


we open bank accounts in bamenda today. also do some shopping... essentials for post. i’m thinking some kitchen stuff, some bedroom stuff. then one room at a time. just need to figure out how much money i’ll need/should take back to Wum. spent the past 2 days/nights here in the bamenda slum (volunteer co-house). the days have been slow... reading, writing, relaxing.

we had a mexican feast the 1st evening. our welcome party. and another mexican spread yesterday, leftovers and what not. much alcohol on the first night made for an interesting 1st-hand exposure to the volunteer social scene here. a little drama, too. not everyone participated... some of the PCVs are a little more mature than others.

Kay was a bit annoyed about all that... understandably. really made one doubt the benefits of coming back to the Bamenda house to relax. last night was tame, though. we sat and talked after dinner. shared funny stories... PC stories. about “wacky-vacs” and things to do when you’re bored senseless at post. it really is a good group.

kept thinking that i’ve just got to continue to keep an open mind about the people here. just as we all did when we 1st met our stage. many of us agreed that we may not have befriended each other under different circumstances. but beyond those barriers (labels and stereotypes) i got to know great people.

same here. patience. no judging. keeping an open mind. deal with people one at a time. get to know them. yet another positive aspect of this entire experience... the exposure to so many people, ideas, and ways. both American and Cameroonian.

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  1. IMAGE: this is a view of bamenda from the surrounding hills. Up Station, to be exact. it's the view you get when you enter the city coming from the West Province (i.e. from the south). see "a few good maps" post if you're disoriented.