Saturday, March 29, 2008

day 3, wum

my landlord came around today to look at the house. he lives in Bamenda. retired principal. has a son in Kansas City. seems like a nice man. things are coming along pretty slowly on the house. carpenter came today and fixed the front and bathroom doors. also made me a little cutting board. Davis is his name. he should be making me a bed when Kenneth gets back. hope he can make a few other things, as well... chairs, stools, table, wardrobe, etc. curtain rods, too.

the Principal and i visited the District Officer today. he’s Francophone. good to have french. really need to continue with it. we’ll finish the rest of the required protocol on Monday. tomorrow Florence (the lady who runs the off-license down the street) and i are going to the Principal’s around noon. need to do much laundry in the morning. much laundry. also need to find a place to put a line up for drying my clothes. we’ll see...

the boys and i just ate some fayn chop (i.e. good food). agusi pudding, plantains and rice. the 2 former foods having been donated to me by the Principal. i don’t as of yet know her name! oh... the boys i ate with (my little neighbors) are Hamza, Petel, and Patrick Henry. i need to work on my pidgin skills. rice cooking skills, too.

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