Monday, March 10, 2008

last saturday in babadjou

Cameroon 1884-1985: A Hundred Years of History
Dr. Victor Julius Ngoh

Pre-Colonial Cameroon
V.G. Fanso

above are a couple of books on Cameroonian history recommended by Benjamin, our pidgin language trainer. not sure how, but the topic came up in one of our one-on-one pidgin classes. anywho... i’ll look into the books.

i spent my last Saturday morning/afternoon here in Babadjou at home. some went to Mbouda. i washed clothes, my bedroom floor... and just hung out. need to start packing actually. we leave next Thursday. also need to send a few letters home before we leave. hope mail isn’t too bad at Wum.

Here's an interesting article on Cameroonian history, from a decidedly Anglophone (i.e. English-speaking or of the NW & SW provinces) perspective. Francophone vs. Anglophone politics is a volatile topic in Cameroon, and I'm not endorsing this article's perspective... simply sharing what I think reflects the history and culture of the part of Cameroon that I spent most of my time in.

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