Tuesday, March 11, 2008

imperfect perfect

sitting here on the couch in the staff house... chez diarou and jean. kinda been a slow day. will probably be a slow week, as well. did some # crunching today with grades. a little again tomorrow. our APCD should be here. the CD the next day. then Summer School graduation, then Dschang... for our swearing in ceremony.

so i've been daydreaming of going up North and/or becoming an agroforestry volunteer... but i think i’ll be staying in Wum for the next 2 years. agroforestry can be a secondary project. especially when i find out who'll be posted close to Wum from the agroforestry program. maybe we can team up? Kim, one of our PCV trainers, thought that would be the best way to get my plant fix.

the North will have to wait... maybe a visit will suffice? maybe it’ll get me thinking about all this again? never really thought much of the comment at the time, but something my peace corps recruiter back home said comes up often... “don’t try to make this perfect,” it’ll come out that way if you roll with it and make the best of it along the way. more or less.


  1. I.E.
    "don't made perfect the enemy of good."

  2. the perfect is the enemy of the good, indeed. thanks nado!