Sunday, March 30, 2008

day 4, wum

the lights are out. it’s nice though. i like the soft light of a glowing flame. serene and comforting. they had a candle lit in the mosque. one candle. i’m so at ease there. often don’t want to leave. it’s familiar.

i was thinking about that. fond and familiar things, that is. between maghrib and ‘isha prayer tonight. all day really. the strangest things from home come to mind and warm my heart. strange because back home they were taken for granted, more-or-less.

common place things. things i wouldn’t normally associate with the concept of “home.” West Virginia. country music. hmmm... now i’m at a loss for the other little things that i was thinking of today.

anyhow... in the mosque. another fond and familiar thing. i felt at home. familiar sights, sounds and smells even. bare feet. rugs. mats. long flowing fabric. musk. a man’s beautiful voice reciting the fatiha. i’m also somehow less of the foreigner in the mosque.

i find the Fulani and Hausa people are much more respectful of my “personal space” and not as surprised with my presence... or at least it seems so. i think it’s just their way. the PCVs up North mentioned that. the people are just much less in your face.

went with Florence to the Principal’s today. ate well. got food to take home, again. washed clothes in the morning. they’re hanging in the house. no lines outside. Omaru asked about going to America. if it would be possible for him to continue his studies there after his technical high school degree. we talked a little about it. what to say, really?

i’m happy here. granted it’s only been 4 days, but i’m happy. i hope all will go well with school. insha’Allah. i’m liking this place. the people. the pace. being alone... time to think. my own routine and schedule. can’t wait for moms to visit.

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