Thursday, March 6, 2008

fond, familiar and friendly...

“...those are really the two main reasons i came to Africa; peace and freedom.” -Kay

1 more “Peace & Freedom” before IST. the name of our session grows on me more and more throughout training. Kay’s quote was great. her testimony, too. about being so close to us yet not really telling us about her real self. what she was like at home.

but what is your real self? i think we’re all still finding that out about ourselves. and that’s a BIG reason why we’re here.

Don Williams, Kenny Rogers and West Virginia!... never thought things so typically American would remind me of “home!” i’m truly finding out what home is here. the fond, familiar and friendly... country music and Wild, Wonderful!

i am, in so many ways, an American. yet in so many others i’m not. and “the fond, familiar and friendly” can be anywhere. maybe here, too??? insha’Allah.

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