Sunday, March 16, 2008

bye-bye babadjou


a little before 6am. Saturday morning. last day in Babadjou. PC will be here shortly to take my stuff. quiet night yesterday. Maya and Mirabelle were here when i got back from Dschang. Das didn’t come in until after i went to bed. packed my clothes yesterday. kinda sloppy. was just tired. long day wore me out... i missed prayer. the ceremony ended before noon, but i forgot it was Friday.

Mayor of Dschang spoke. then David. then Delegate from the ministry of education. then our Country Director. then our Ambassador. his “speech” was unimpressive. the delegate spoke well. David, too. Mike from the TEFL bunch even gave a little speech in French. we took many photos.

only once did i have to hold back the tears yesterday. not sure why exactly then... our CD was talking about our commitment to work on the HIV/AIDS issue here. maybe really the only solemn moment for me. the oath of service was too formal. but what the CD said touched me. it sounded heartfelt.

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  1. IMAGE: our math/science stage after swearing in, in Dschang. we're now officially peace corps volunteers. no longer trainees.