Thursday, March 27, 2008


got to do some email today in town. after we dropped Natalie off at post in Ndjinikum. beautiful place. surrounding hills are spectacular. town is quaint and had a real “Alps-sy” feel to it. like Geneva, Kay said. Nat’s got a great house. big and well built. really quite a nice place.

we met Nat’s landlord. nice man. lives down the street. a colleague. teaches physics. saw her school. unfinished. down in the valley, a little from town. 100 cfa fair along the main road. still cannot get over how quaint Ndjinikum was. great little town. i’m sure she’ll enjoy it. and hope she stays safe.

anyhow... we made it back into Bamenda. emailed. nice. ate and shopped a little more. peanut butter! all is well now. we leave for Wum tomorrow morning. early 8am.

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