Saturday, March 15, 2008

dschang morning

early morning. day of swearing in. got up around a ¼ to 5. slept a little past midnight. was out with a bunch of the trainee crew yesterday, from both babadjou and dschang. our CD bought us a drink after a 2-hour-plus griping session about training. feedback, no holds barred.

we then went over to the Phoenix. a restaurant here in dschang. took a while! i slept some. was patient. with the food. and the service. in terms of timing, that is. we ate late. left late. went to bed late. i just bit my tongue, though.

i suppose these next 2 years might be just that... an exercise in biting my tongue. all the better, perhaps. one can never gain enough patience.

Ibrahim was kind enough to let me use his room to pray in this morning. good man. generally speaking. wish i’d spent more time with him. sure we’ll see each other again. Ramadan, insha’Allah.

the sun is coming up on Dschang. there’s a heavy mist. rained in the evening so the trees and grass are still wet. birds are chirping away. it’s cool but comfortable.

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