Monday, February 25, 2008

wum it is

Bruce, my young cameroonian neighbor, is leaving for Dschang tomorrow. i’ll be leaving for Wum in a few weeks. we exchanged addresses. good guy. not sure what my first impression of him was but he’s tre gentile. he'll be working on getting his diploma in Biochem @ Dschang. after that...???

same problem so many other university grads have in cameroon. very little job opportunity and the dream of getting abroad. sure that won’t be the last conversation of that type i’ll be having with a young cameroonian here... and it’s not the first. meme Oliver, meme Godwin...

OK, Bruce just invited me to his place for a bit... we looked at photos and ate prunes.

it’s Sunday and we just found out about posts on Friday. i must say that Wum was a surprise of sorts. i really expected the SW. i believe my APCD knew all along where i was going. he mentioned it at the CD’s house that night. suppose i could’ve just asked.

anywho... i wasn’t sure how to feel about the post. granted, i can’t judge before going. there’s supposed to be a mosque close to school and a large muslim community. those were my only requirements, so all is good.

-i shaved today! first time since getting here.
-did laundry all morning
-was listening to Kenny Rogers... and enjoying it! (reminded me of home).
-finished a long letter to Omar
-writing one to Rama
-copying a couple poems for Adam
-AND prepping my Form I lesson.

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