Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a few good maps

so where in the world is cameroon? or yaounde, douala, bamenda, babadjou and wum? all names of places that have come up in past posts. all very good questions. a friend suggested that i post a map up here to help situate readers. definitely.

there are a few good maps at the Atlas of Cameroon (on Wikimedia Commons).

two things are worth noting as you browse the maps. first, i didn't really know where i was – geographically, at least – at this point in my journey. it was still too early. besides, maps weren't readily available and, if there were any, Babadjou didn't appear on them. it was too small.

that said, and this is the second point worth noting to help with the maps, i did learn that i was in the West province. in an administrative division called Bamboutos. not far from the capital of that division, Mbouda. the next town over from Babadjou. and very close to the border with the Northwest province.

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