Monday, February 4, 2008

mourning morning


dreams were not a problem last night. hope i can say the same tomorrow morning. men are still outside with Das. women are drumming in the house where Yoyo’s body lays... Petit says they’ll be doing so until ~1am. all is well. i will sleep. just hope i don’t dream.

Mirabelle was kind/considerate enough to make dinner. Das was kind enough to step away form his duties to eat with us. they keep the house open during mourning for 7 days here. he won’t be able to wash for that week. they’ll bury the body tomorrow morning as all the family come in from Douala. the house will be busy these next few days.

Jean, Sylvie and the crew came to pay their respects earlier. as did many of the trainees. i know Jean has my best interest at heart but i feel uncomfortable when they show up to make sure all is well... like my well-being takes precedence over everything else going on in the family. alas... no complaints. glad someone’s looking out.

can’t wait until i hear from the fam. gotta send them something, too... just not motivated b/c i know it’ll be ages before they get it, reply and i get their reply. so much i want to say, though. lights went out. i wrote this entry by flashlight.

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  1. IMAGE: my host-family's house... "the white house," as it was sometimes called. it was actually quite nice. i had a room to myself in the upper level. a small bathroom just down the hall (no running water, but electricity). and the geese, of course... across the hall.