Tuesday, February 19, 2008

all is well


we haven’t had mail for a couple of weeks. it’s getting to a lot of people... understandably. we’re sure there is mail. just not here yet. i’m all right, though. spoke to mama, omar and nunu from "the slum" (the volunteer co-house in Bamenda) while on site visit last week. all was well. happy to hear their voices. probably cost them a bunch. all worth it.

anyhow... i haven’t written home in a while. also need to write a few friends, past supervisors and professors. a lot piling up, though, with summer school training wrapping up... still strange to think this will be over soon. so much to do, yet somehow no stress. why? just feel like it will all come together one way or the other. my mind is on other matters... namely, my emotional and physical well-being as they relate to home and body-sickness.

we had our mental health and schistosomiasis / filaria sessions today with the PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer). interesting stuff.

i’m starting Ferdinand Oyono’s The Old Man and the Medal. one of our trainers, Vincent, was kind enough to bring me a copy. along with a book by Mongo Betti, Mission to Kala. both cameroonian authors.

also started teaching today. i did reptiles, of course. went well. well... just went, really. hard gauging student reaction and/or comprehension. still a cultural gap to be traversed there.

bon. ademain. bon nuit.

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  1. IMAGE: leaving summer school in Santa, Northwest Province. everyday my stage-mates and i would make the trip from Babadjou (West Province) to Santa (NW Province) for teaching training. we're heading back home here in this image on a overcast, drizzly day.