Tuesday, February 26, 2008

old blue eyes and lush green hills

i didn’t give my cross-cultural presentation today. we split up... most today, some Tuesday. me, Tuesday. did finish the write-up though. need to get it checked for content and translated with the help of our language trainers, Francois and Diarou.

Greg gave a great presentation on pets. very funny! Kristen’s on women and childbirth was great, too. she does everything well. we’re all sitting here in the back room of the bar in Babadjou. will be one of the last weekends we’ve got together. just a couple more Peace & Freedoms in this room.

on the ride back from the summer school in Santa we were listening to Frank Sinatra... surreal being moved by that and yet looking out onto the verdant hills and valleys of the Northwest province.

thought about my house to be and creating a garden around it. flowers and flowers... some veggie plots. probably b/c Rob’s presentation was about crops grown here in our area. i really need to get back into the field and among plants again.

the closest points to epiphanies i’ve gotten have been in the pee-shack at the summer school in among the maize. probably b/c i'm alone, the plants all around, quiet, and swaying in the wind. epiphanies at the pee-shack... what to say???

keep wondering when an epiphany will finally come. probably should stop looking for one. they will come in time. anywho... just want to get somewhere, feel comfortable, and be content about being there... and i’m sure plants will have much to do with that.

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