Saturday, February 16, 2008

voice of america

voice of america (VOA) news is on the radio this Saturday morning. picked it up on 5.97 SW1 (shortwave). i won't comment on VOA programming, except to say that i miss NPR.

anywho... haven’t written here in a few days. mainly b/c my free time has gone to writing letters and reading. 4th of July party was nice... had a good time cooking with the crew and enjoying the food with the trainers. Kristen made the badges. she’s great. also washed most of the dishes.

anywho... it’s Saturday morning (i’ve mentioned that) and i’ve got a slow weekend ahead of me. just need to do some laundry, wash my floor, study French, and prepare a lesson. most of the crew is going on a hike today... up towards the knob. supposed to be very pretty country. i’m staying right here, though. i’m sure there’ll be other opportunities.

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