Friday, February 8, 2008


just finished writing another letter home. i need to get more out to the fam... rama, nowara, and the kids.

we drove out to bamenda today. relatively big city in the northwest province. forgot how long i’ve been out of the city for. bamenda actually feels more like a city than yaounde. that’s probably b/c we got an amazing view of it on our drive in, down from the surrounding foot-hills.

i took a couple of grand pictures. got me thinking about that dichotomous preference of mine in regards to living environment... big city or the bush. no small towns, please. babadjou is exactly that... maybe that’s why it’s been so rough getting comfortable here.

we’re really getting into the tech stuff in training now. they’re looking to place me in a GTTC (Government Teacher Training College). still not sure how i feel about that. we have our talks with our APCD tomorrow, possibly... can’t get to all of us.

i need to bring up a few issues with him. the living preference (although a GTTC may mean a “larger” town). wanting a mosque in town. hmmm... think that’s it. straight-forward enough, no? yes.

came back home (with all the relativity that should be accorded the term) earlier today... before 5pm. the sun was out and warm. beautiful afternoon. light shinning through my window and illuminating my mosquito-net covered bed inspiringly. took a photo (not sure how i feel about appreciating moments by “shooting” them???).

anywho... i was thinking that a day like today had epiphanous potential, if you will. gotta be happy about that. peu à peu = little-by-little. baby steps and i’ll get there. going out to enjoy dusk now.

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  1. IMAGE: my room and mosquito-net covered bed, as describe in the post.