Wednesday, February 20, 2008

grading quizzes... missing babadjou

it’s late and i just finished grading 60-some odd quizzes for Form II Bio. ahhh... Lord.

i keep going a week b/w entries. we had another Peace & Freedom tonight... in the car port of the staff house because the back room at the restaurant/bar was occupied. went well anywho... intimate space but not private. if that’s possible. we spoke of being overwhelmed, frustrated and pressed for time... how American of us! “so much to do, so little time.”

Form II (about 12-13 year olds) was a little rough today... our lead tech trainer was watching. not very much help in terms of constructive criticism. don’t know what to say??? i’ve got issues with pace and board work... as always. no discomfort up there at all... just a little unfocused, i think.

i miss slow Saturdays here in Babdjou. i may even miss Babadjou when we leave. and i surely will miss all my fellow trainees and friends. no matter, though... “we are together.”

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