Thursday, February 14, 2008


we ended tech training today with a PCV-run session on sustainable development. seems our CD (Country Director) really stresses this point – that we are, indeed, here as development workers and should see ourselves as such. we went into development projects (our primary and secondary projects, that is) and how to accomplish things... or not if the time just isn’t right or “ripe.”

it was one of those meetings when ideas brainstormed are filtered and integrated into a definition or statement, usually all inclusive and very general. today we attempted to define sustainable development in our context. didn’t feel all that strongly about what we came up with. did feel very good about listening to PCVs talk about their experiences.

caught myself daydreaming about one of those moments... a grassy field, light breeze, talking to a cameroonian colleague about the work we were up to. no stress, just sharing ideas with each other. one of those moments that sustain, no pun intended. not an epiphany. just connecting. 2 years.

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  1. IMAGE: my stage-mates and i being trained on making use of everyday items as math/science teaching-learning aids in the classroom... resourcefulness!