Friday, June 20, 2008

good to be the king


been staying up late recently to do work. seems like the only time i’m productive and uninterrupted... but it means that i have to take wicked naps during the day. wish is cool, i guess. i was also physically beat today. that added to the nap time.

Paul and i ran to Lake Wum and back. early, like ~6am. cold out there. the lake is nice. large. way out there. SDO has a house overlooking it. a nice spot... “Good to be the king.” i also did my push-ups/sit-ups... felt deprived of energy and O2 for much of the morning. a food thing, i think. Allah ya’eenah ‘alla Ramadan [may good help us during Ramadan]. although i won’t be running then.

i just realized that it would be nice to reach Bamenda before Ramadan, but don’t know if that’s feasible. need $. need to em@il! guess i could wait until Thanksgiving but site-visits roll around then. we’ll see...

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  1. IMAGE: a beautiful scene of the sun rising over lake wum... another crater lake in the NWP (like nyos). the SDO's house can't be seen here but it's in amongst the trees towards the back. and, yes, that's a little bird flying over the water.