Thursday, April 3, 2008

wum in the afternoon


i left the house this afternoon around 3pm. nice day out. intended to pass by the Special Branch (police intelligence) office then go onto the Principal's. the office was closed. the Principal and i did the protocol rounds yesterday. but a few of the officials we didn’t actually meet.

so the Special Branch wants some info on me... i guess it’s their job to make anything and everything seem hush-hush. “some information.” anyhow... i gave madame laisin that last embroidered damascene table cloth. maybe a bit too premature for gifts. she really liked it, though.

i strolled on the way to the Principal's and back. walked up to where the Baptist Church is. sits atop a hill overlooking Wum. great spot. wonderful view. spectacular landscape. even the walk back home was serene.

i suppose i haven’t been out much in the late-afternoon here. usually napping. the sun is low. the town a little quieter and calm. today there was a soft breeze. and i heard music from a few places along the way. it was good for me. to many more.

by the way... finished Anthills of the Savannah today.

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  1. IMAGE: my little neighbor Dukas in the warm glow of the afternoon. there were many kids around my house. i'll begin to introduce them gradually. i took this picture of her from my front porch. which overlooks the nursery school (in the background) and, beyond that, the small hill in the center of town atop of which sits the Baptist Church (can't see it in this picture).