Friday, April 11, 2008

madeleine in morocco

you've probably noticed that morocco seems to come up in my journals whenever i'm talking about presence... or lack thereof! indeed, my top choice for a peace corps assignment was morocco. and, on some level, i wasn't able to get over that. it seems like whenever i felt less than present in cameroon, i thought about this magical place i'd never even been to.

with that in mind, i thought i'd introduce someone who is actually present in morocco. my good friend madeleine (maddie and i went to grad school together, where we were both interns on a community forestry program in new haven 2 summers ago). maddie is now in morocco with the peace corps. on assignment as an environment volunteer.

there are some interesting cross-cultural connections here... i'm writing this blog about my time as a middle eastern + muslim + american in a country in sub-saharan africa. and maddie is writing articles for her hometown newspaper about being an american in a middle eastern muslim country in north africa. so... here's some of what maddie's been writing home about:
madeleine has some great insight into moroccan culture and the life of a PCV in a muslim country. as for me, i've yet to visit morocco... only in my daydreams, i suppose. but like my mother said, "morocco's been there for a long time... and it's not going anywhere. so why are you in such a rush?"


  1. IMAGE: that's my friend madeleine in morocco! :)

  2. a friend of mine was a PCV in morocco. about a year (i think) before you did your stint in cameroon. she was in the atlas mountains and came back with - guess what - water parasites! :)

  3. ahhh, yes... water parasites. i had my share of those. but in the high atlas? how? :\

  4. ok, so my friend said she was in the mid-atlas not high atlas mountains. but she said the first PCVs to get water illness were in the high atlas. i don't know anything about this or why altitude would matter.