Thursday, April 24, 2008

wet wum

played ball for like an hour and a ½ this afternoon. down by the hospital. actually a nice court. many people. a few older gentleman (some civil servants i believe) and a handful of young men. good competition.

need to work on my dribbling and stamina. we played through the rain. light but enough to make the ball, boards and ground slippery and wet. i’m tired now. not my mind but my body... looking forward to more exercise though.

oh... i’m planning on visiting Omaru’s home this Sunday. Mu’aathu’s next Saturday. both seem like truly nice people. i want to learn a little about cattle grazing and the issues behind it from them. Mu’aathu also says he’ll teach me Fufulde.

it’s raining out. i’m at school. got wet and just a little dirty on the way here. just finished an Applied Science lesson with 3rd year. went well. did Living Things. i spoke to them about the issue of teaching pedagogy... basically told them they should be actively observing me up there, instead of expecting me to explicitly teach pedagogy.

anywho... got my bed today. it’s nice. solid and stylish, too. even has 2 little compartments built into the headrest. makes the room smell like varnish though. table, chair and wardrobe are on the way. i’ll be suffocating in there by week’s end. i wish this rain would end. i want to go home and cook.

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