Thursday, April 17, 2008

news from home

chilin’ in the slum. all is well at home. just spoke to mama... “everyone is fine and accounted for.” wal-hamdulillah. seems most of the hijackers were Saudis trained in the US. some at Embry-Riddle in Daytona.

anywho... they’ve permanently closed ISA [the Islamic Saudi Academy... my old school in the DC area. but this news wasn't actually true]. imagine that! already having some backlash against the Arab/Muslim population. car driven into the Saudi Embassy and all.

they say the 4th plane (the one that landed in Pennsylvania) was supposed to hit the Whitehouse. says there are constantly fighter-jets overhead in DC and the National Guard on almost every corner. WOW!

got my 1st package from home. mom says others are on the way... also got letters from her and martha. she’s great... news about the National Arboretum and River Farm [both gardens i used to work at]. seems the Rhus i planted is now ~5 feet tall! Pinus wallichiana ‘Nana’ is dead though :(

i’m lounging in a sofa chair. feet up on an ottoman. writing by candlelight. alone in the slum right now. counting crows on the stereo. i think i may invest, no matter how unwisely, in that boom box from the Nigerian salesman in Wum. hmmm???...

oh... Kay and Nat are also coming down. hope all is well for them at home. PA, that is.

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