Saturday, April 12, 2008

GTTC Day 1

i’m tired. it’s been a long day, but i’ve got a few things to write...

i wrote letters to Uncle Nezar, Rama, Omar and Nunu. i’m finished with Cry, the Beloved Country. finished it a couple of days ago. great book. need to write about it.

went to school today. 1st day. only a few teachers. even fewer students. staff meeting rescheduled for Thursday. i was up for fajr (morning prayer). they fixed the loudspeaker at the mosque. i can hear it from here. i walked to school in a little under an hour. all the students in their baby blues, navies and khakis made for a pleasant atmosphere. they were excited and all. especially the little ones.

whatever apprehension i had last night (and i had some) left on that walk in. it’s pretty, not spectacular. but i remembered that it would be great to teach again. little ones and adults. i’m dying for that intellectual interaction. not totally disappointed with the slow start at the GTTC though. i’m sure i’ll find my hands full in no time at all.

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