Friday, April 18, 2008

bad ride back

i’m in a little bit of pain now. my lower back from the long ride back. my gut from gas. bad combo in terms of location on the body. the ride back. long. bad van. no brakes. no pick-up. walked up a few hills. took ~3hours on the road. another waiting at the park for the van to flop [pidgin for "fill up"].

anywho... back “home” now. didn’t realize how long that to do list was in Bamenda. most of it was done. sans meeting landlord and signing the lease. brought a lot back. mail, packages, moto-helmet, books, b-ball, pots and stuff.

talked to the entire fam. corresponded with a few of the guys over email. some are sending packages, some are sending mail. i also emailed the good folks at MAPCS. bought gelatin (for my makeshift photocopier). ate lunch with Kay before leaving. good to be back in Wum. much to do tomorrow...

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