Friday, April 4, 2008

school bike


well, no meeting tomorrow. saw the Principal today and she told me to just come around Monday. thinking i probably won’t go to Bamenda after all. at least not this weekend. maybe after i check out the text/reference book situation at the school library. speaking of books... i wandered into Presbook here. a few interesting titles. literature. religion. geography. didn’t get anything. will look for used copies 1st. maybe ask around, too.

today i rode the bike to school. around noon. i spent some time toeing in the brakes. needs more work though. front brakes are weak. shifting mechanism, too. the ride. nice. i’m definitely out of shape but totally looking forward to getting into it. the time is cut considerably by biking vs. walking... duh! really though, the distance is not the problem. the hills. it's downhill and uphill, both ways.

the last hill is the toughest. scary coming down and rough coming up. once coming in the school gates getting up the climb to the Government Teacher Training College (GTTC) building is nearly impossible. i’ll do it someday. one day. soon. all-in-all biking may not be the best way to get to school. hot and sticky by the time i get there, i’m sure. so... other than the ~1-hour trek that leaves motorcycle. and i have no helmet, yet. ashia for me!

hey... i roasted peanuts today. “fried groundnuts,” that is. also cooked beans and rice. both are all right. peanuts a little on the over-roasted side. but good. the beans a little on the bland side. but good. need palm oil! what has it come to??? “add palm oil to taste.” also need patience with the beans. took all day. made a lot though.

had some issues with the kids. just kinda nagging and always expecting food now. really shouldn’t have opened that door. oh, well... now i’ve got to do this “you can’t come inside the house and you won’t get any food!” and “stop knocking on the door so much and don’t call me ‘Whiteman’!” they’re cute though. especially Petel and Marie-Claire. she’s a stubborn one.


  1. IMAGE: some of the little neighborhood-kids... soon to become some of my favorite people in wum. but, at times, also more than a little annoying. this is an early picture... taken from above my kitchen sink. everything i'm doing is novel at this point, including washing dishes. here are some of their beautiful names: hamza, jovis, marie-claire, edison and karin. we'll be meeting and seeing much more of them soon enough! :)

  2. this scene really made me chuckle!!!