Tuesday, April 15, 2008

slow, quiet day in wum

it’s a ¼ to 6... sun is going down on another slow, quiet day here in Wum. i’m out at the front of my garage listening to the endless coverage of the news in the US on the BBC. Jarvis, Karyn and Lizette [3 of my young neighbors] just finished cleaning the house. they took a while but i imagine it’s pretty clean. have not been in to check it myself... still wet.

i made an “appearance” at school again today... just that, an appearance. staff meeting tomorrow morning at 9am. seems that i’ll have 8 hours/classes this term. both Applied Science and EE for all 3 years (year 3 having 2 streams). i have not, as of yet, seen the books we have at the library... will attempt to do so and decide on whether i should head out for Bamenda for books and other things.

will also have to see if this colleague of mine will, indeed, move in for a little. spoke to Kenneth about it today... said he was looking to move houses himself and that i should direct the man to him. hope that works out... turns out i may not be ready to share my personal space just yet.

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