Sunday, April 20, 2008

paul moves in

9/18/2001:’s coming down pretty heavily outside. that’s keeping me from going to the store to get rice. Paul just moved in next door today. seems like quite a nice man. came all the way from Mundemba, in the SW. his old post.

he brought a letter from Tonya... who's now at GTTC Mundemba. she’s well. sounds like she... and maybe everyone else outside of Kumba and Buea in the SW is pretty isolated. hot, too. i wrote her back. will post it tomorrow.

...will also write Kristen and Greg. i’ve not much to say here really. school has commenced and is going fine so far. only 2nd year and 3rd year students around. and 3rd year is combined in one stream for now. that cuts my workload in ½ until the new students arrive... maybe October they say.

one note... i woke up to a disturbing image last night. not a nightmare really, only a fragment of a dream. it was a little too vivid, the image. and, again, disturbing. i can’t remember the last time i experienced something like that... a3outhu billah.

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  1. IMAGE: paul and i on a school field trip to a local crater lake. a beautiful view! this photo was taken many more months into my service... by then, paul and i had become great friends.