Friday, April 4, 2008

school prep

so school is about an hour’s walk from the. as they say here... won-da-ful! the sun was out and i was sweating. of course it’s not yet the dry season and i was walking with Madame Laisin so we were going at a relatively easy pace. Lord knows i’ll be dripping sweat by the time i reach school come december and january.

biking there?! don’t know. it may, indeed, be necessary at times to shorten the travel time. however, it’ll only make me sweatier. not to mention the road conditions. hilly. rocky at times. from the school entrance to the building more or less impossible. and the buses going and coming along the road at break-neck speed. we shall see... i’ll test the road out on bike tomorrow or the day after.

Madame Laisin loaned me a Scheme of Work (SOW) from my classes. checked out my sections. the recommended references are:

Natural Science:
-Introduction to Biology for Tropical Schools by Mackeans
-Modern Biology for Cameroon GCE by Sarojini T.

Agricultural Science:
-Rural Science I and II by S.N. Tita
Science for Beginners by Ndenge A.F.

...these cover Applied Science, but not necessarily Environmental Education (EE). so i’m a little unclear as to EE. the subject and outline are not spelled out in the scheme. we shall see. she also wants me to take a minimum of 15 teaching hours a week. says that’s what my APCD recommended. HA! right.

anyway... not sure whether i’m going back to Bamenda to get these books. they say they’ve got copies in the library. but the school's Bursar has the keys and she’s not back. school starts next Monday. more-or-less. Madame Laisin is sticking to her guns. wishful thinking, though. i know she knows barely anyone will be around. we’ll see...

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