Wednesday, April 16, 2008

going to bamenda

I know you’re from the DC area. If you need to call family or friends there, please come to Bamenda to do so. PC will reimburse your calls.


9/13/2001: this letter from PC Admin and a note from Mike as soon as i made it to school this morning. the lone taxi-driver here in town stopped me on my way to school and informed me of its arrival... from Bamenda with Pious, the colleague who may be staying with me. i persuaded the taxi to drive me to school. just didn’t feel like walking from the start. 200 cfa!

anyhow... in regards to the letter, 1st i was indifferent. then a little nervous (about the fam and all), and now kinda like... "naw, no need to call home. all is well, insha’Allah." but i’m thinking a trip to Bamenda and a call home may be worthwhile. i can get a few books and an SOW while i’m there.

we had a long staff meeting, 10:30am-1:30pm. discussed everything from professionalism, subject schedules, discipline to social activity and service fees... this latter issue took up most of the time by far. by the way... i teach Monday through Thursday, 2 periods per day.

here’s my to do list for Bamenda:
• email home (have them call the Slum)
• go to Teacher’s Resource Center
- get Bio Form I-V SOW
- get copy of Loh Michael’s EE book
• go to Presbook and preview book prices
• get 4 recommended resource texts (Agric. Science?)
- get 2 upper level bio texts used in stage
• get PB and honey?
• Kitchen things: frying pan, sauce pan, kettle and dowlat qahwa [coffee pott]
• take... address book, GTTC SOW, journal, old lesson plans, money (most), lease...
• find landlord and sign lease
Jum’aa [Friday] Prayer
• Amity Bank (check on interest issue)

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