Saturday, June 21, 2008

slowly happier here

another Sunday almost past. another week. soon another month. soon another year. all blessed and productive, i pray. anyhow... we cleaned the mosque this morning. then had our meeting after a short break.

a long, drawn-out meeting. as always. it really is too strange how familiar that feeling is. the frustration, bewilderment and battle to bite my tongue at MSA meetings. long and with a mind-numbing, nerve-wracking attention to detail... the trivial ones it always seems.

patience, though... that’s the key word. i am going to be patient and let things flow. it really is an experience in group dynamics and people skills. above all, it’s about patience. can’t say that enough.

Omaru came around today. we spent the late afternoon chatting on the balcony. good kid. i enjoy his company. quiet, uncomplicated and kind.

i’m tired now. didn’t have that wicked nap today. don’t think i will. haven’t done much, if any, “work” today. desk work, that is.

Mohamad would like to say that he’s slowly happier here. he misses home like mad, like always. but, nonetheless, he’s happy here.

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