Thursday, June 19, 2008

another big moon

another big moon over Africa tonight. saw it last night and this morning. the evenings are cool and comfortable. wish i could/would spend more time out there. stepped out for just a moment to admire the badr [full moon, in Arabic]. Jarvis and Karin [my neighbor's children] were outside doing school-work on my porch under the “security light.” kinda cute.

anywho... the moon reminded me of Ramadan. in about 2 weeks time it’ll be upon us... grace us with its presence. i said a little prayer out there. i’ve been praying for comfort and serenity [tama'neenah wa raaha] in my heart here in my new home/community. also prayed to see both the beginning and end of the blessed month. and, of course, to see my family “soon”... safe/sound, richer in knowledge, wisdom and faith ['ilm wa hikma wa iman].


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  1. there was a bright, beautiful full moon out last night... and the past few evenings here in DC have also been "cool and comfortable," as in the post.

    peace :)