Friday, June 13, 2008

new journal


new journal... i like the size and the line-spacing. worried about durability a little. anyhow... just wanted to open the book with a few thoughts. the last journal was the 1st i’ve ever finished. in terms of a whole notebook, that is. but in so many ways all this – “my peace corps experience” – has only just begun.

so i pray for many, many more happy, healthy, liberating and relieving books to go through, insha’Allah...

this morning i attended/witnessed my 1st assembly here at the GTTC. completely student run. impressive. anthem. gospels. announcements. sermon, too. took some photos. felt a little closer to the students. they became a little more like... people. thus far they were/are just “students.”

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  1. IMAGE: these are my students in assembly... which they hold every morning before classes begin: prayer, song and speeches.

    they're older, as you can see... not children, but primary school teachers in training. and our school, GTTC Wum, is atop a hill.