Sunday, June 1, 2008


“Beauty is found in the mind of he that looks, not in the object looked at.”
-Proverb (from this morning’s Network Africa Program on the BBC)

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, indeed.

everything is beautiful... all is beautiful. life. death. pain. joy. youth. old age. flowers. trash. the “beautiful” and the “ugly.” relative terms that they are. sometimes it takes a special mood to see the beauty in things. the mundane or “ugly” things. a mini-paradigm shift, if you will.

it may be inspiring and overwhelming... one event that you can pin-point and say “that’s when i began to see it this way”...or a gradual, seeping in and diffusing of “you know, that’s beautiful.”

either way, the end is similar... beauty where you or others did not and do not see it. like in the serene face of a hideously disfigured child. or the agony of a young widow’s loss. anything, everything can be beautiful.


  1. reminds me of this article (dumbo's feather) by sabrina ward harrison:

  2. reeeaaallly interesting... thanks sabira!

    salaam :)