Wednesday, June 25, 2008

pedagogic feedback

notes from our "official" feedback meeting with the PPIs [instead of individual feedback, we were brought together as a group of teachers and lectured to on our teaching performance]:

don’t move unnecessarily (only to check notes and with discipline issues).

“clap for him/her,” not appropriate at this level.

-technical terms:
should be spelled out on the board but notes need to be dictated.

-dictation & discussion:
discuss notes then dictate or dictate and discuss at appropriate intervals but don’t mix too much. keep eye out on students and continue with dictation when about a dozen look up.

-board work:
3 or 4 sections, not too many. write form left to right. subject and topic must be clear and underlined... no wavy lines! [that was directed at me!]. date on upper right corner.

-objectives: should be spelled out at start of lesson and checked at end of lesson in evaluation, not “conclusion” [also directed at me!]. General Objectives are for the entire unit, while Specific Objectives are for individual lessons.

-future reference: it is a reflection of how prepared (or unprepared) you are when you constantly refer to covering material (specifically technical terms/concepts) in future lessons. case in point, my 1st deforestation lesson with 3rd Year. i kept talking about covering Global Warming and Deforestation in the next lessons... either the terms/concepts need not be introduced until they are covered or they need to be covered right then if necessary for that lesson (there are exceptions and this can be done at a minimum).

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