Monday, June 16, 2008

long letter home


so... i left Bamenda on a Sunday and didn’t realize just about everything would be closed. American stores, email, etc. did get into Vatican [store]. bought olive oil, a drying rack, mustard and some plastic wear. got mail and a small package (full of candy!) from home... just finished reading a letter from my moms.

so... ride in from Bamenda was all right. long, uncomfortable and DUSTY! but i guess that’s no longer even novel, you know? i wrote a long letter home throughout the day (from Bamenda and Wum)... kinda neat. at the Slum. Symbol [bush-taxi] Park. en route. at the mosque. here at home. all kinds of things came up... but i guess that’s typical.

i went to a Hausa wedding. even wrote about that. i basically did everything yesterday but prep my lessons. which i did this morning and kinda hated myself for... well, not really. it got done and they went well, but i still need to really start applying myself to the work. i still have much to do but it’s been a long day and i’m tired.

2 thoughts to end with...

-thought #1: thought about submitting my sharru al-baliyyatu ma yudhik essay to the BBC’s Network Africa program... you know, as a daily proverb entry. just not sure if the tone of the essay is... i don’t know, too judgmental? maybe i’ll have someone read it.

-thought #2: actually a note. i was able to take examples of each type of underground stem adapted for storage to class today: bulb, corm, rhizome and stem tuber... i.e. onion, coco-yam, ginger and yam. i’m proud of that, thank you very much!

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  1. IMAGE: one of the traditional musicians and entertainers at the hausa wedding i mentioned in this post. i wish i could tell you what that instrument was called... ???