Sunday, May 4, 2008


i can’t stop eating. the time b/w my meals is ever decreasing. i wonder if it’s the lack of meat? or worms?... the food-food is good. i’m enjoying cooking and eating, but sometimes it’s all just a formality before dessert.

not like that’s some extravagant course here... PB & honey, a banana, tea/coca/milk. that’s “dessert.” i’ve stopped eating Mambo bars. my daily addiction during training. i’m sure they can be found. just not craving them.

OK... i’m going to visit Mu’aath’s village today. we leave in an hour or 2. meet the folks. see the fields. chill. eat. back by 2pm, insha’Allah.

one last point... yesterday (9/28/2001) seems to be the 1st anniversary of this current intifada. i thought it was 9/9/2000 that it all began, but i was wrong. heard it on the BBC news.

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