Tuesday, May 6, 2008


subhan-Allah... it’s already October. Autumn in America. it seemed like Spring just yesterday. i left home just yesterday. i left a more-or-less quiet America. no real or immediate indication that we’d be bracing for all this. what is all this? i wish i knew exactly. even with news from the BBC and VOA i still feel totally disconnected. an outsider. not sure exactly how or what people are thinking back in the states. whether they too feel like we’re “at the brink of war” as some dramatic news broadcasts say. World War III, i’ve even heard.

i don’t believe (or don’t want to believe) that. especially since it isn’t all too clear exactly who "the enemy" is being made out to be. this morning i listened to a broadcast by one Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)... a conservative Christian station out of Santa Ana, CA. a man gave a long, detailed discourse on Islamic Fundamentalism, Yasser Arafat, Saddam, the events of September 11th and the current political ramifications. quoting all too liberally from the Qur’an and having no qualms about blurring the lines b/w terrorism, “Islamic Fundamentalism,” and Islam. indeed, he may just as well have said that Islam is the enemy...

i’m not even sure he didn’t call muslims the enemy. it was tough following his logic sometimes. suffice it to say that we’re a blood-thirsty, murderous people aimed at toppling democracy everywhere. Israel and the US being the primary targets. i suppose i’ve heard all this before. maybe not in so direct and comprehensive an expression. it didn’t surprise or disturb me all that much. maybe b/c there was no undertone or insinuation in what he was saying... he couldn’t of been more straightforward. better to know exactly who your enemy is, i guess... although i don’t like that word, ENEMY.

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