Wednesday, May 21, 2008

back to wum

just made it back to Wum. it’s Saturday evening. for a second i thought i’d forgotten this journal back in Bamenda. wasn’t sure how i was going to handle that... it was found though. hamdillah! [thank God]. lights are out here. must’ve been the case for a while... water is out, too. i’m tired. not so much form the trip but b/c i stayed up pretty late the past 2 nights at the slum.

folks from the west and the NW crew around. it was nice to see/speak to them. even if sleep was sacrificed. i’ve a lot to write about in terms of learning about other people’s schedules. how much they and how little i teach. also about our EAP [Emergency Action Plan] meeting. got a ton of mail. stuff to say about that too. but, again, i’m tired and this lamplight isn’t helping. tomorrow, insha'Allah...

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