Sunday, May 18, 2008

afghanistan attacked #2

listening to the BBC again this morning. more of the same. seems Bin Laden has given interviews on Jazeerah satellite TV. it’s based in Qatar. one Arab commentator, in that great thick/heavy accent of ours goes “the Americans want to kick butt, but i don’t think there is any butt to kick there.” referring to the lack of any real substantial (or as the US would like to make them out to be) military targets, especially the now infamous “terrorist training camps.”

on the American end they’re calling this an operation of “bombs and bread.” on account of the food rations they’re also dropping on Afghanistan. to which International Aid organizations respond saying it’s blatant propaganda. just token gestures to keep everyone on their side. and across the Muslim world (Palestine, Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc.) people are in the streets rioting. protesting American action. in Gaza a couple of people were killed by the government troops dispersing the crowd. what to say?

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