Monday, May 26, 2008

2 thoughts on afghanistan

2 thoughts on this situation in Afghanistan. just 2 thoughts... b/c i still don’t want to go there completely. mainly b/c my thoughts aren’t complete. also b/c i don’t know how to bring all the thoughts and emotions in my head on paper properly. anywho... here are my 2 thoughts.

one... more and more groups (i’m thinking mostly sports teams) are refusing to go anywhere where the is a Muslim population. for fear that there would be anti-western protests/riots/attacks. places like Pakistan and Israel are not surprisingly places people (mostly westerners) don’t want to be. but even those so called moderate Muslim countries like the UAE . what to say?

two... American troops are now using psychological strategies to win over support from Afghani people. civilians, troops, whomever will listen. the Psych-Ops branch of the US military is flying planes low and blasting propaganda... pro-American. they’ve even taken over the radio and dropped radio sets to the station they broadcast from.

all this so that the Afghan people can hear how the US doesn’t want to colonize Afghanistan. does not want to attack the Afghan people’s faith. but only wants to deal with these people who are disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad by their actions. HOW DO I EVEN BEGIN TO DESRIBE MY REACTIONS TO THAT?!

people keep assuming that muslims' issues with what the US is leading, this war on terrorism or Islamic Fundamentalism or whatever... has something to do with our support for “Mr. Bin Laden.” instead, it has to do with our suspicions and fear of the west when it comes to our faith. justified or not.

we don’t want to see America extend its war on terrorism to any other countries... b/c, invariably, it’ll be another Muslim country. and, invariably, it’ll be more innocent civilians dying when a “smart-bomb” misses its target due to human error.

Afghanistan now. Iraq tomorrow. Syria later. will it end? that’s why i didn’t want to go there. still so much to process. so many questions that i don’t know who to ask. let alone how to answer.

Lord, make things clear...

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